Exposé “Bring All to Front”

This only just occurred to me: If you have just one window of an app in the foreground, all other open windows for that app can be brought to the front by a quick F10 double-tap, effectively providing a shortcut for “Bring All to Front” in the Window menu. I always found it a little odd that there was no universal shortcut for that command, especially considering OS 9’s application-based (rather than window-based) window management.

Also, as an extra hint (although I think this is quite widely known): if you tap F10, you can then press tab repeatedly to switch through open applications (in F10 exposé mode). If you overshoot, press the ` key (to the right of left shift, also the tilde key) to go through apps in the reverse direction.

One thought on “Exposé “Bring All to Front”

  1. pressing F10 key only works if you hide the window. If you contact it it doesn’t work at all.

    This is a big lack for what my opinion as a Windows user may count (and usign a Mac form just 4 days).

    The only way that I’ve found to solve this is to use an external free tool called Witch that let you move throught every window opened on your system even if the window has been hide or contracted.

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